What is another word for diffuse?

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Diffuse is a term that can be used in a variety of contexts, from describing the spreading out of light to the dissemination of information. Fortunately, there are plenty of synonyms available depending on the intended meaning. For example, when describing the spread of light, terms like "scattered," "dispersed," or "splayed" can be used. To convey the idea of information or ideas being spread out, synonyms such as "disseminated," "propagated," or "circulated" may be more appropriate. For more abstract uses of diffuse, consider words like "rambling," "digressive," or "meandering." Whatever the context, selecting the right synonym can help to convey your intended meaning more clearly and effectively.

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    When we think of diffused light, we probably think of the sun shining. However, diffused light can also be found in many other places, such as a light bulb. Diffused light is formed when a light is spread out in all directions. This type of light is ideal for creating a pleasant atmosphere, as it allows people to see more clearly. There are also many applications for diffused light, such as photography and video production.

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