What is another word for thickening?

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Thickening is all about making something thicker, denser or more solid. It may be related to food, a physical object, or even an idea. Some synonyms for the word thickening are intensifying, amplifying, densifying, solidifying, strengthening, and consolidating. Additionally, other synonymous terms for thickening could include augmenting, escalating, prolifering, magnifying, beefing-up, enhancing, or bolstering. The selection of the right term depends on the type of context in which the word is being used. In any case, a diverse range of vocabulary can help to construct a more vivid and structured language that makes communication more effective.

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    Thickening sauces are a popular cooking technique used for sauces, gravies, and stocks. Thickening can be achieved by a variety of means, from mechanical (stirs and emulsifiers) to chemical (thickeners). Thickening can also be achieved by using a reducing agent, such as white wine or tomato sauce.

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