What is another word for dilute?

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"Dilute" refers to the process of making a substance less concentrated through the addition of another substance. Synonyms for dilute include thin, weaken, water down, dilapidate, adulterate, attenuate, and temper. To describe the action of dilute, one might use words such as dilution, reduction, or weakening. These synonyms are commonly used in chemistry and cooking when discussing the creation of solutions or flavors. In everyday conversation, dilute may be replaced by phrases such as "watered down" or "less potent." It's important to choose the appropriate synonym to accurately convey the strength of a particular solution or mixture.

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How to use "Dilute" in context?

The word "dilute" can have a few different implications. In chemistry, when a solvent is added to a solution, the concentration of the solution decreases. This is why adding water to a solvent solution will dilute the original solution. Adding salt to a drink will also cause the concentration of the drink to decrease. In the context of language, diluting refers to the process of making a topic more accessible or inclusive. In order to make a message more easily digestible, it might be diluted with other content. For example, when a politician addresses a crowd, they might dilute their speech with facts or anecdotes to make it more relatable.

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