What is another word for thickened?

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Thickened has various synonyms that can be used depending on the context of the sentence. Thickened's meaning can be represented by words like dense, concentrated, condensed, or coagulated. Thickened typically takes place in a liquid, and other suitable verbs for this process are gelatinized, solidified, or jellied. In a culinary sense, thickened can be replaced with terms such as roux, bechamel, or reduction. Interestingly, when describing something that has accumulated in size or intensity, the word "thickened" can be substituted with intensified or increased. Therefore, in a broader sense, there are diverse aspects to the word thickened, and its synonyms should be used with respect to the context of what it is defining.

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    Thickened is an adjective that describes something that has become denser or more viscous. The opposite of thickened could be thinned, which means to dilute or reduce the density of something. Other antonyms for thickened include thin, light, watery, runny, liquid, and fluid. Additionally, a few other possible antonyms for thickened are refined, clarified, or purified. These antonyms all describe a state where the substance has been made less dense or less viscous. Although the word "thickened" has a negative connotation, antonyms such as purified or refined may suggest a positive change in the state or quality of a substance.

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