What is another word for thinned?

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[ θˈɪnd], [ θˈɪnd], [ θ_ˈɪ_n_d]

Thinned is a word that describes something that has been reduced in quantity or density. There are several synonyms for thinned, including diluted, decreased, diminished, depleted, lessened, and reduced. Diluted is often used to describe a liquid that has been mixed with water or another substance to decrease its concentration. Decreased and diminished are both used to describe a reduction in size or quantity. Depleted is used to describe something that has been used up or exhausted. Lessened is used to describe a decrease in intensity or severity. Reduced is a general term that can be used to describe any type of decrease in quantity, density, or size.

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How to use "Thinned" in context?

Thinned is an adjective meaning made very thin or reduced in size. It is most commonly used to describe food or drink, but can also be used to describe clothing, artificial materials, and other objects.

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