What is another word for weakened?

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Weakened is a term that signifies a decrease in strength or vitality. There are a number of synonyms for weakened that can be used to describe this state, such as debilitated, enfeebled, diminished, frail, infirm, exhausted, and vulnerable. Some other synonyms that come to mind include feeble, powerless, worn out, fatigued, faint, and soft. Each of these synonyms has a slightly different connotation, so the choice of the right word depends on the context and the level of weakness being described. However, all these synonyms can be used interchangeably with the word weakened to convey the idea of a loss of power or vitality.

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    Weakened is a term used to describe somebody or something who is not as strong or as powerful as they once were. When we speak about somebody being weakened, we often mean that they have been hurt or injured in some way, and so are not as strong or as able to cope as they might have been before. Weakened can also refer to something or somebody that is no longer as strong or as powerful as they once were, either because they have been reduced in size or because their power has been diminished.

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