What is another word for tilt?

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The word "tilt" means to lean, incline, or slope towards one direction. However, there are several other synonyms that can be used in place of "tilt". For example, the word "angle" can be used to describe the degree of inclination or slope of an object. "Slant" is also another synonym that refers to a tilted or inclined surface. "Incline" is commonly used to describe objects that are sloping or leaning towards one direction. Additionally, "pitch" and "tip" are synonyms for "tilt" that can be used to describe the rocking motion of an object. Finally, "cant" is another synonym for "tilt" that is commonly used in engineering and construction to describe the slope or incline of a structure or surface.

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    Tilt is a gaming term that refers to a situation in which the player's game plane is tilted relative to the direction of the dungeon's normal gravity plane. In games that support it, the player's game plane can be tilted in any direction, and the effect of this tilt is that the player's character will move and interact with the game world in an unnatural way.

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