What is another word for TODO?

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The word "TODO" is often used as a marker for tasks, lists, or activities that still need to be completed. However, there are several other ways to express the same idea using synonyms. For example, the words "tasks," "chores," "errands," "duties," "to-dos," and "activities" all capture the sense of action items that require attention or completion. Alternatively, phrases like "outstanding work," "pending items," and "things yet to be accomplished" can also convey this sense. Regardless of how you express it, recognizing and organizing the items that still need attention is an essential step towards productivity and accomplishment.

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    "TODO" is always on our minds. Whether it's a small thing that needs to get done before we leave for the day or an entire project that needs to be completed by a certain date, we always have something to do.

    There's something freeing about having a to-do list, and knowing that everything on it is waiting for us when we get home. However, creating a to-do list can be daunting, particularly if we feel like we don't have the time or energy to finish everything.

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