What is another word for chore?

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A chore is often seen as a mundane and tiring task, but it is necessary for daily life. Sometimes it helps to switch up the words we use to describe these tasks to make them seem less daunting. One synonym for chore could be "duty," which suggests a sense of responsibility instead of a task to be avoided. Another option is "errand," which is a smaller task that can be accomplished quickly and easily. "Assignment" has a more professional connotation, and "task" is a broad term that can be used for almost anything. Lastly, "responsibility" conveys a sense of importance and a need for accountability. By using different synonyms, we can reframe our perspective and approach these tasks with a new attitude.

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    Chores, no one loves doing them, but they remain an essential part of maintaining an organized and clean household. However, sometimes they can be overwhelming, and you may need to take a break from them. That's when it pays to know some antonyms for the word chore. Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of another word, and for chore, some of the antonyms include pleasure, delight, fun, and entertainment. To replace the tedious and dull duties, you can engage in activities that make you happy, such as reading a book, watching your favorite movie, or simply relaxing. With these antonyms, you can rejuvenate yourself and recharge before getting back to completing the tasks that await.

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    Cooking these meals in the late summer heat was a chore which took several days.
    "Frying Pan Farm"
    Elizabeth Brown Pryor
    The Temple to the Moon is much lower and smaller, but at that was no after school hours chore.
    Durham, Andrew Everett
    Moses again turned his face chore-ward; yet it was noticeable that he paused to examine his "tackle" before he fed the poultry, and that he softly whistled as he went about his work.
    "The Brass Bound Box"
    Evelyn Raymond

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