What is another word for stoppage?

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Stoppage refers to the act of stopping or halting something. It can be used in different contexts like stoppage of work, stoppage of bleeding, stoppage of traffic, etc. There are several synonyms for the word stoppage which include cessation, halt, interruption, suspension, standstill, termination, break, pause, and rest. All the synonyms have a common meaning of stopping or halting something, but they may vary in their usage depending on the context in which they are used. For instance, 'cessation' may be used in a legal or formal setting, 'interruption' implies a temporary pause, while 'suspension' suggests a temporary halt to an ongoing activity. In conclusion, having synonyms for the word stoppage gives writers and speakers the flexibility to express their thoughts and ideas in different ways.

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How to use "Stoppage" in context?

in chess

In chess, a stoppage occurs when a player's king, semi-king, or rook, is driven off the board. A player is said to be "stopped" or "stopped by check" if his king, semi-king, rook, or pawn is taken captive by an opponent's pawn, rook, or king. A player who is stopped is unable to take any new moves, and the game is over.

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