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The word "toss" typically refers to an action where something is thrown lightly or casually. There are several synonyms for "toss" that can be used based on the context. Some alternatives for toss include fling, hurl, heave, toss-up, pitch, propel, chuck, and lob. "Fling" and "hurl" are suitable synonyms when referring to throwing something with significant force. "Propel" and "heave" can be used in a more formal setting to indicate throwing an object with a purpose. In contrast, "toss-up" and "pitch" can be used to describe a casual throwing of an object, while "lob" and "chuck" refer to throwing an object with less force and in a more playful way.

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    The phrase "to toss" means to scatter something carelessly. The definition of "toss" can be tricky to understand, but in simple terms, it means to throw something without much thought or intention. This can be done either as an intentional act or out of chaos. In many instances, "toss" can also be used as a verb meaning to cause to move or to become agitated. There are many different ways to toss a coin, for example, toss an apple in the air or toss a basketball.

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