What is another word for adopt?

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Adopting a new word in your vocabulary can help to enrich your language skills and expand your range of expression. Some great synonyms of 'adopt' include embrace, take on, assume, and accept. To embrace something is to welcome it with open arms. Taking on something is to shoulder a responsibility or task. Assuming something can mean to take it for granted or presume it as true. Accepting something means to receive it willingly and without objection. Other potential synonyms that can aid your language skills include acquiring, implementing, undertaking, or incorporating. By incorporating such synonyms in your communication, you can avoid repetition and communicate your ideas more effectively.

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    When people think about adopting a pet, they tend to imagine an animal who is homeless or in need of a home. But there are dozens of different types of adoptable animals in need of homes, from animals who are waiting to be placed in a home as part of a rescue organization, to animals who are surrendered to shelters. There are plenty of adoptable pets out there waiting for a family who will love and care for them.

    When considering whether or not to adopt a pet, it is important to remember that there are resources available to help make the process easier. Organizations such as Petfinder.

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