What is another word for centering?

Pronunciation: [sˈɛntəɹɪŋ] (IPA)

Centering is an important word to keep a person attentive, focused, and balanced. Synonyms for this word include focusing, grounding, and stabilizing. In order to center oneself, techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, or deep breathing exercises can be used. By focusing on one's breath, they can bring their awareness to the present and let go of distractions. Grounding techniques involve focusing on one's senses, such as touching the ground, to connect with their surroundings. Stabilizing exercises involve establishing a sense of stability or balance in one's body and mind through yoga or other physical activities. These synonyms can be helpful for anyone looking to find inner peace, balance or achieve optimum health and wellness.

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Usage examples for Centering

As a matter of fact, the epic poem was only the primitive author's method of writing a poetical novel centering around wars; or a later poet's imitation of that form.
"The Literature of Ecstasy"
Albert Mordell
The interest which Socrates here shows in the reduction of the ordinary moral judgments to a system centering in some single fundamental principle, is the ethical interest.
"The Approach to Philosophy"
Ralph Barton Perry
I was assigned to find out what it was centering on Simonides that seemed inimical to the peace of the Federation.
"Man of Many Minds"
E. Everett Evans

Famous quotes with Centering

  • We wanted to write a whole song about partying and then taking Yellow Cabs home. That's the weirdest topic we've ever thought of centering a song around.
    Taryn Manning
  • What is most needed today is a fundamental theological thinking, one centered upon the Godhead itself, and centered upon that which is most challenging or most offensive in the Godhead, one which has truly been veiled in the modern world, except by our most revolutionary thinkers and visionaries. If we allow Blake and Nietzsche to be paradigmatic of those revolutionaries, nowhere else does such a centering upon God or the Godhead occur, although a full parallel to this occurs in Spinoza and Hegel; but the language of Hegel and Spinoza is not actually offensive, or not in its immediate impact, whereas the language of Nietzsche and Blake is the most purely offensive language which has ever been inscribed. Above all this is true of the theological language of Blake and Nietzsche, but here a theological language is a truly universal language, one occurring in every domain, and occurring as that absolute No which is the origin of every repression and every darkness, and a darkness which is finally the darkness of God, or the darkness of that Godhead which is beyond “God.” Only Nietzsche and Blake know a wholly fallen Godhead, a Godhead which is an absolutely alien Nihil, but the full reversal of that Nihil is apocalypse itself, an apocalypse which is an absolute joy, and Blake and Nietzsche are those very writers who have most evoked that joy.
    Thomas J. J. Altizer
  • Like monarchy, monotheism had a martial origin. "It is only on the march and it time of war," says Robertson Smith in , "that a nomad people feels any urgent need of a central authority, and so it came about that in the first beginnings of national organization, centering in the sanctuary of the ark, Israel was thought of mainly as a host of Jehovah. the very name of Israel is martial, and means 'God () fighteth,' and Jehovah in the Old Testament is Iahwé Cebāôth — the Jehovah of the armies of Israel. It was on the battlefield that Jehovah's presence was most clearly realized; but in primitive nations the leader in time of war is also the natural judge in time of peace."
    Miguel de Unamuno

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