What is another word for vex?

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[ v_ˈɛ_k_s], [ vˈɛks], [ vˈɛks]

Synonyms for Vex:

aggravate (verb) irritate (verb) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Vex:

  1. specks, next, flex, pecks, flecks, rex, x, specs, treks, hex, checks, ex, wrecks;
  2. expects, dissects, convex, effects, complex, suspects, rejects, reflects, objects, projects, annex, respects, perplex;
  3. intersects;

Quotes for Vex:

  1. I know my own soul, how feeble and puny it is: I know the magnitude of this ministry, and the great difficulty of the work; for more stormy billows vex the soul of the priest than the gales which disturb the sea. John Chrysostom.
  2. It is an excellent rule to be observed in all disputes, that men should give soft words and hard arguments; that they should not so much strive to vex as to convince each other. John Wilkins.