What is another word for uncouth?

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Uncouth is a word used to describe someone who is coarse, rude, or unsophisticated. Synonyms for uncouth include boorish, crude, inelegant, uncivilized, unpolished, and vulgar. Boorish typically refers to someone who behaves in a socially awkward or offensive manner. Crude is a descriptor for someone who lacks refinement or tact, often in speech or behavior. Inelegant describes a person or action that lacks grace or sophistication. Uncivilized suggests a lack of cultural development, while unpolished implies a lack of refinement or polish. Lastly, vulgar refers to someone whose behavior or language is crude or offensive. These synonyms provide a range of alternative ways to describe someone who is uncouth.

Related words: obnoxious, uncivilized, boorish, disorderly, coarse, offhand, brusque, gruff, crude, tactless

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    There is little question that "uncouth" is one of the most disliked words in the English language. Oxford Dictionaries gives the word a score of 8 meaning "hard to understand or speak; unpleasant; unseemly". The dictionary's description says that the word is "associated with the poor social standing of those who use it, particularly men". According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first usage of the word was in the early 16th century and it was originally used to describe people who were not proper or civilised.

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