What is another word for uncover?

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Uncovering something can be described in many different ways, depending on the context. It can mean to reveal or disclose something that was previously hidden or unknown. Some synonyms for uncover include discovering, exposing, revealing, unmasking, disclosing, unveiling, and uncovering. If you are talking about finding out a secret or exposing a hidden truth, words like uncovering or revealing might be most appropriate. In contrast, if you are discussing a physical object like a document or artifact, the words discovering or unearthing may be better suited. Regardless of the specific synonym used, the act of uncovering is an essential part of understanding the world around us.

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Uncover, meaning to reveal or expose, has several antonyms that can fit different contexts. One of the commonly used antonyms of uncover is 'cover up', which means hiding something or keeping it secret. Cover, conceal, or cloak are other words that can be used as antonyms for uncover. They refer to hiding or shielding something from view or knowledge. Another antonym for uncover is 'bury,' which means to place something underground, conceal or hide it from view. 'Shroud' is also an antonym that refers to covering or obscuring something from view. The selection of an antonym from the available options depends on the context and intended meaning.

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Usage examples for Uncover

Also because Nels must not lose his strength on a fast journey to his master's place-I, Bhanah, will uncover mine honour in the presence of a man."
"Son of Power"
Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost
Transcriber's Note: This etext was produced from Fantastic Universe November 1956. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.
"The Hohokam Dig"
Theodore Pratt
It is not best to push this fold of skin back too much, as, by so doing, you may uncover the young nail cells while they are soft and tender, and expose them to injury.
"A Handbook of Health"
Woods Hutchinson

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