What is another word for uneasiness?

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Uneasiness refers to a sense of discomfort or nervousness that often arises due to an unknown or potentially dangerous situation. It can be characterized by feelings of anxiety, tension, or unease, and can manifest as physical symptoms such as sweating or trembling. Synonyms for uneasiness include unease, anxiety, nervousness, apprehension, disquiet, restlessness, turmoil, jitters, hesitation, and edginess. These words suggest a state of discomfort that is often associated with fear or uncertainty, and convey the sense of being on edge or feeling unsettled. Whether experienced in response to a specific situation or as a general feeling, uneasiness can be overwhelming and difficult to overcome.

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    Whenever we experience uneasiness, it usually signals some form of fear or anxiety. Depending on our individual experiences, uneasiness can manifest as feeling off balance, tense or a sense of insecurity. Any given uneasiness could also be caused by a combination of different things, such as a heightened sense of alertness or a feeling of impending danger. While uneasiness is an often transient feeling, it can be tough to shake and can have a lasting impact on our quality of life.

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