What is another word for uneasy?

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When someone feels uncomfortable or restless, they might describe themselves as feeling uneasy. However, there are a variety of synonyms that can be used to convey a similar sensation. Someone might feel anxious or troubled, implying a sense of worry or uneasiness about a specific situation. Alternately, they might feel unsettled or restless, unable to find a sense of calm or peace in their current circumstances. Nervous and tense both suggest a physical aspect of uneasiness, with a feeling of tightness or discomfort in the body. Other possible synonyms for uneasy might include jittery, disconcerted, or awkward, all of which suggest a sense of discomfort or unease in one's surroundings.

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How to use "Uneasy" in context?

There's something about the word "uneasy" that just feels so ominous. It's the type of adjective that can describe any number of uncomfortable feelings - from the mild sense of being restless to the feeling of being on the verge of a panic attack. And while it doesn't necessarily have to refer to something negative, there's a certain something about this word that just makes it feel ominous.

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