What is another word for scatter?

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The word "scatter" can be replaced with multiple synonyms, each with its unique use and meaning. For example, "sprinkle" can be used when referring to things like flour or glitter being spread in small amounts over a surface. Another option is "disperse," which refers to something being spread out over a wide area. "Sow" or "broadcast" works well when talking about the scattering of seeds. "Strew" can be used when referring to things like petals, leaves or rubbish being spread randomly on a surface. Lastly, "shatter" refers to something being broken apart or shattered into multiple pieces. These synonyms for "scatter" can add variety and depth to your writing when used appropriately.

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    Scattering is a valuable process when compiling data. It allows for a more even distribution of data and makes it easier to chart and understand. Additionally, it helps to reduce the impact of random factors on the data. Scattering is a process where data is randomly dispersed throughout a space. This helps to eliminate any bias the data may have and provides a more accurate representation.

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