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The word fixed is commonly used to describe something that is stable, stationary, or unchangeable. However, there are several synonyms that can be used in its place to add variety and depth to your writing. Some synonyms for fixed include permanent, constant, unalterable, immovable, rigid, established, steady, set, firm, and stubborn. Each of these words has its own nuances and connotations, which can help to convey a specific meaning or tone depending on the context. By incorporating synonyms for fixed into your writing, you can create more dynamic and engaging content that captures your readers' attention.

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    Fixed refers to a particular kind of camera that is Fixed-blade lens camera. This camera is considered to be stable and has a long lifespan. Fixed lens cameras have been popular for a very long time now, and they have been used come a wide range of applications, including reportage, documentary, photojournalism, and advertising. A lot of prosumer and professional photographers still use fixed lens cameras because they are reliable, have a wide range of lenses, and offer a lot of control over their images.

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