What is another word for alive to?

Pronunciation: [ɐlˈa͡ɪv tuː] (IPA)

The term "alive to" refers to being aware of or responsive to a particular situation or issue. Some synonyms for this phrase include "attuned to," "sensitive to," "cognizant of," "mindful of," "conscious of," and "vigilant about." Each of these synonyms communicates a similar sense of awareness and responsiveness, but may carry slightly different connotations. For example, "attuned to" suggests a sense of harmony or alignment, while "vigilant about" implies a more active and intentional form of awareness. Ultimately, the choice of synonyms depends on the context and intended meaning of the phrase.

Synonyms for Alive to:

What are the hypernyms for Alive to?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for alive to?

The phrase 'alive to' is typically used to describe someone who is aware or sensitive to a particular issue or situation. Antonyms for this phrase might include words like 'ignorant,' 'oblivious,' or 'indifferent,' which would describe a person who is not aware of or interested in the topic at hand. Other potential antonyms could include words like 'unresponsive' or 'unreactive,' which suggest that the person in question is not actively engaged with the situation or is not responding to it in a way that reflects awareness or sensitivity.

Famous quotes with Alive to

  • In the Seventies, a lot of executions via electric chair failed because of technical problems. Seed tells the true story of someone who survived and sought revenge. They buried him alive to make it seem he was dead.
    Uwe Boll
  • If you can't protect yourself with talk, you won't be alive to protect yourself with guns.
    Arthur Boyd
  • I hope I'm still alive to see an expedition set off for Mars.
    James Gunn
  • Civilization is so hard on the body that some have called it a disease, despite the arts that keep puny bodies alive to a greater average age, and our greater protection from contagious and germ diseases.
    Granville Stanley Hall
  • Good tests kill flawed theories; we remain alive to guess again.
    Karl Popper

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