What is another word for provident?

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There are several synonyms for the word "provident" which refer to someone who is wise, thoughtful and forward-thinking when it comes to managing their resources. These include words such as "prudent", "careful", "sensible", "judicious", "frugal" and "circumspect". All of these words describe someone who is careful with their finances, who plans for the future and who makes wise choices when it comes to spending and investing. Being provident is an important quality in today's uncertain economic climate, and by being prudent and careful with our resources, we can all ensure a more secure future for ourselves and our loved ones.

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How to use "Provident" in context?

What is providence?

Providence is the idea that providence, or a beneficent deity or natural force, determines one's fate or future.

What does providence mean for Christians?

Christians believe that providence is an active Participant in the lives of people, often providing guidance and protection.

How does providence work in our lives?

Providence can be defined as God's active intervention in the lives of people. It can refer to the undeserved good fortune people have, as well as the guidance and protection that God provides.

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