What is another word for vamoose?

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Vamoose is a colloquial word that means to depart or leave in a hurry. When someone is in a rush to leave, they can use different words that express the same idea. Some of the synonyms for vamoose include scram, bolt, skedaddle, scurry, flee, escape, ditch, hightail it, run away, take off, and make a run for it. Each of these words implies a sense of urgency and haste, typically used in situations where one needs to exit a place quickly. Whether you need to leave a party or avoid a dangerous situation, these synonyms for vamoose are helpful to know.

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How to use "Vamoose" in context?

If you've ever seen a mother vamoose with her kiddos fast as lightning, you've experienced one of the greatest feats of animal locomotion. Vamoosing, or Pacific ground squirrel hopping, is a technique used by ground squirrels to move quickly and safely from one place to another.

To perform this impressive act, a ground squirrel will first hug the ground, then quickly leap into the air and swing their front legs around in a figure-eight motion. This intense hopping quickly covers a great deal of ground, which is why it's so vital for ground squirrels to have plenty of opportunity to practice vamoosing.

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