What is another word for abide?

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[ ɐbˈa͡ɪd], [ ɐbˈa‍ɪd], [ ɐ_b_ˈaɪ_d]

Synonyms for Abide:

abide (verb) continue (verb) exist (verb) live (verb) persevere (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Abide:

  1. pried, glide, guide, fried, vied, defied, preside, collide, died, flied, plied, stride, subside, dried, slide, wide, eyed, side, bide, upside, dyed, complied, snide, replied, denied, hide, bride, supplied, inside, untried, misguide, pride, outside, cried, worldwide, divide, confide, reside, provide, relied, sighed, untied, deride, tried, westside, tied, chide, spied, pied, tide, decide, implied, decried, ride;
  2. aside, betide, belied, allied, applied, astride, beside;
  3. subdivide, nationwide, alongside, coincide;

Quotes for Abide:

  1. I left in love, in laughter, and in truth, and wherever truth, love and laughter abide I am there in spirit. Bill Hicks.
  2. My address is like my shoes. It travels with me. I abide where there is a fight against wrong. Mary Harris Jones.
  3. If either player abandon the game by quitting the table in anger, or in an otherwise offensive manner; or by momentarily resigning the game; or refuses to abide by the decision of the Umpire, the game must be scored against him. Howard Staunton.

Idioms of Abide:

  1. abide with sm;
  2. abide by sth;