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The word 'appear' refers to a visible or present manifestation of something or someone. Some synonyms of this word are to emerge, become visible, present, exhibit, come into view, display, materialize, show up, surface, show oneself. Each of these synonyms is a perfect replacement of the word 'appear' in a particular context. For example, if someone wants to express that the sun slowly comes into view in the morning, the right word would be 'emerge'. Similarly, if someone is going to be present on a stage, they might say that they will 'show up' or 'present' themselves. The usage of these synonyms can make communication and written expression more versatile and rich in vocabulary.

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How to use "Appear" in context?

Most English speakers use the word "appear" when they want to refer to something that is not inside the speaker's head. For example, "John appeared on the

screen." Here, "appear" means that John came into view on the screen, despite the fact that John was not actually in the room with the screen at the time the sentence was spoken.

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