What is another word for tarry?

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Tarry is a word that refers to delaying or staying longer than anticipated. However, there are various synonyms that convey similar meanings to this word. These synonyms include linger, stay, dawdle, procrastinate, delay, hesitate, pause, loiter, and remain. Linger, stay, and loiter are the synonyms that signify the idea of not leaving a particular place or situation. Dawdle, procrastinate, and delay bring with them the idea of postponing or delaying tasks or actions. The synonyms hesitate and pause refer to stopping temporarily, while remain refers to staying in a certain place or condition. In essence, all these synonyms encapsulate the idea of prolonging or not acting promptly.

Synonyms for Tarry:

How to use "Tarry" in context?

Tarry is defined as to continue for a longer period than is necessary or desirable. This is due to its definition in the sense of "to continue to stop or linger." Tarry may also imply a state or feeling of being disconcerted or uneasy. This typically applies to situations where people are waiting for something.

When a person is tarrying, it may imply that they are not sure what to do or that they are trying to delay something else. This typically applies to situations where people are waiting for someone or something. It can also apply to things that are happening outside of the individual's control.

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