What is another word for viva?

Pronunciation: [vˈiːvə] (IPA)

The word viva has many synonyms that can be used to describe various situations. For instance, viva can be replaced with vivacious, which means full of energy and enthusiasm. Alternatively, viva can also be replaced with vibrant, signaling a lively and exciting atmosphere. Another alternative is the word vivace, which is an Italian term for music that is played in a lively and cheerful manner. Additionally, a viva can also be described as a vivification or a rejuvenation process, which means renewal or spiritual awakening. Other synonyms of viva include exclamation, cheer, acclamation, and hurray. These words can be used to express excitement and enthusiasm in various situations, such as celebrations or performances.

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What are the hypernyms for Viva?

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Usage examples for Viva

Off came his hat and his sword flashed from the sheath, while his voice rang out clearly, fiercely: "viva Santa Anna!
"Ahead of the Army"
W. O. Stoddard
Not many minutes later, he rode away from the palace, attended by a brilliant staff, through crowded streets, where every hat went off and all the voices shouted "viva Paredes" with every appearance of enthusiasm.
"Ahead of the Army"
W. O. Stoddard
viva to havoc and confusion!
"The Prime Minister"
W.H.G. Kingston

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