What is another word for hurrah?

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Synonyms for Hurrah:

How to use "Hurrah" in context?

1. Definition of 'hurrah'

The word 'hurrah' is derived from Old Norse hjarta, meaning 'heart'. It is often used as an expression of joy, enthusiasm or pleasure. It is also used as a exclamation of astonishment.

2. Origins of the term

The term 'hurrah' first appeared in English in the 16th century. It was first used to describe the sound of a trumpet or shout of triumph.

3. Use in English language

The word 'hurrah' is used extensively in the English language.

Paraphrases for Hurrah:

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  • Independent

    • Foreign word
      hoorah, OORAH.
  • Other Related

    • Noun, singular or mass
    • Interjection
      Hurra, OORAH.

Hyponym for Hurrah:

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