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When it comes to synonyms for the word "hearing", there are a number of suitable options. For example, "listening" is often used as a synonym, as it implies an active engagement with sound rather than just passively hearing it. "Auditory perception" is another phrase that can be used in place of "hearing", though it is more technical and less commonly used. "Eavesdropping" and "overhearing" both refer to listening in on a conversation or sound that was not intended for the listener, while "earshot" simply refers to the range within which someone can hear. Ultimately, the best synonym to use depends on the specific context and connotation needed.

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Antonyms for the word "hearing" include deafness, silence, muteness, quietude, and inaudibility. Deafness refers to a complete or partial loss of the ability to hear, while silence refers to the absence of sound or noise. Muteness refers to the inability to speak, while quietude and inaudibility both mean a lack of audible sound. Antonyms can provide a deeper understanding of a word by highlighting its opposite meanings. By understanding antonyms for "hearing," one can better appreciate the importance of this sense in communication and everyday life.

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