What is another word for magnetism?

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The word magnetism refers to the phenomenon of attracting iron or other magnetic materials towards a magnet. Some synonyms for magnetism include attraction, allure, charisma, charm, fascination, enchantment, and appeal. In the context of science or physics, magnetic force, magnetization, and polarity are also used as synonyms for magnetism. Magnetism can also be described as a magnetic field, which can be further subdivided into paramagnetic, ferromagnetic, and diamagnetic materials. The concept of magnetism has been utilized and explored in various fields, including medical technology, electricity, and transportation. Therefore, knowing the synonyms of magnetism can help in understanding the varied applications of this scientific concept.

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    Synonyms for Magnetism:

    How to use "Magnetism" in context?

    1. magnetism is a physical and chemical phenomenon that causes a metal object to become attracted to a magnetic field.

    2. Magnets are made up of atoms and molecules that are able to rotate around a magnetic north and south Pole.

    3. The Earth's magnetic field is generated by the motion of molten rock and metal in the Earth's mantle.

    4. Magnetic fields can be used to detect objects and forces invisible to the naked eye.

    5. Magnetic materials are often used in storage devices and switches, because they can retain their magnetic properties over a long period of time.

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