What is another word for elasticity?

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Elasticity is a term that refers to the ability of an object or material to stretch or deform and return to its original shape without losing its structural integrity. There are several synonyms for elasticity, including flexibility, pliability, resilience, malleability, and ductility. Flexibility implies a degree of bendability or suppleness, while pliability suggests a greater plasticity or moldability. Resilience implies the ability to bounce back from adversity, while malleability refers to the capacity to be shaped or formed. Finally, ductility is a term that describes the ability of a metal or other material to be drawn into thin wires or be stretched without breaking.

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Antonyms are the opposite or the contrary of a word. For the word "elasticity," some possible antonyms are stiffness, rigidity, inflexibility, inelasticity, or brittleness. These words convey the idea of a lack of flexibility or resistance to deformation. Stiffness implies a high resistance to bending or stretching, while rigidity suggests a lack of pliability or a tendency to break easily. Inflexibility conveys the idea of being unyielding or immovable, while inelasticity refers to a material's inability to expand or contract in response to external forces. Finally, brittleness denotes a high likelihood of fracturing or shattering under stress.

Usage examples for Elasticity

Marx accepts the usual explanations of the elasticity of this standard of cost of subsistence.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
This treatment represents a convention, and a bad one, because it covers the paper without really conveying the elasticity of clothing or the animation of muscle determining its folds.
"George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians"
T. Martin Wood
Hence capacity and inductance are qualities of an electric circuit which are analogous to the elasticity and inertia of such a body as a heavy spring.
"Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy"
John Ambrose Fleming

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