What is another word for woodlands?

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Woodlands are defined as areas dominated by trees, but there are many other expressions you can use to describe this type of natural environment. Some synonyms for woodlands include forests, groves, copses, woods, timberlands, woodlots, and thicket. These terms are frequently used interchangeably in order to talk about different types of wooded areas, but they each have distinct connotations. For instance, forests tend to be larger and more remote, while groves are usually smaller and more peaceful. Copses are often used to describe clumps of trees within a larger landscape, while woods may refer to either cultivated or wild areas. Timberlands evoke images of managed forests used for lumber, and woodlots imply a collection of trees for the purpose of fuel or shelter. Thickets suggest a dense, tangled area of brush or undergrowth within a wooded environment.

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    How to use "Woodlands" in context?

    Woodlands are natural areas of dense trees and understory vegetation. They cover about one fifth of the Earth's land area and provide vital ecological services, including habitat for animals, protection from wind and storm damage, and disposal of toxins and waste.

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