What is another word for frontier?

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[ fɹˈʌnti͡ə], [ fɹˈʌnti‍ə], [ f_ɹ_ˈʌ_n_t_iə]

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    How to use "Frontier" in context?

    Though the term "frontier" is often associated with the Wild West of America, it is used in many other contexts as well. Frontier can refer to a business that is striving to become successful, or a land that is being opened up for exploration or colonization. In many ways, the frontier is a metaphor for the modern world. It is a place where new things are being explored, and where the boundaries of what is possible are being tested. It is a frontier mentality that is constantly looking for new opportunities and challenges, and it is this spirit that has led to many advancements and innovations in our society.

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