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Chase is a common word used to describe the act of pursuing or following someone or something. However, there are many alternative words that can be used to convey a similar meaning. Some synonyms for the word chase include pursue, trail, track, hunt, follow, persue, hound, stalk, and run after. Each of these words can be used in different situations or contexts depending on the intended meaning. For example, pursue may be used in a romantic context while hunt may be used in a hunting or sports context. Knowing different synonyms for common words can help improve writing and communication skills, allowing for better expression and clarity.

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    The word "chase" may come to mind when thinking about running, but what about other activities that involve chasing after something? For example, in the game of tag, if one player tags another player, they are said to have "chased" them. Similarly, when someone catches a ball, they have "chased" it.

    What does the term "chase" imply? It usually implies a physical activity in which someone (usually a person or animal) is trying to catch or apprehend someone or something else.

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