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[bˈi͡ə], [bˈi‍ə], [b_ˈiə]


beverage (noun)

ale, beverage, cocktail, cocoa, coffee, drink, eggnog, juice, lemonade, liquor, milk, milk shake, nectar, pop, punch, soda, soda pop, soft drink, tea, water.

drink (noun)

Cognac, Hirsch, applejack, bitters, bourbon, brandy, champagne, gin, lager, mead, porter, rum, rye, saki, schnapps, scotch, sloe gin, tequila, vodka, whisky.

Rhymes for Beer:

  1. leer, deere, shear, hear, ear, meir, steer, clear, year, pier, dear, jeer, near, rear, smear, deer, veer, sneer, lear, gear, speer, mere, peer, sear, here, fear, sere, tear, sphere, cheer, blear, spear, sheer;
  2. frontier, revere, sincere, amir, premiere, premier, appear, austere, severe, veneer, career, emir, rehear, adhere, zaire, unclear, cashier;
  3. domineer, chandelier, pioneer, mutineer, financier, reappear, interfere, cavalier, chevalier, souvenir, commandeer, gondolier, overhear, brigadier, auctioneer, insincere, volunteer, belvedere, disappear, bandolier, persevere, engineer;

Quotes for Beer:

  1. Banks' beer There's nothing like it! To Brazil. And to Barbados justice. Ronald Biggs.
  2. I'm a meat girl and I just love having a beer Jill Goodacre.
  3. I'd like to have a beer -holder on my guitar like they have on boats. James Hetfield.

Idioms of Beer:

  1. beer up;
  2. not be all beer and skittles;
  3. Life isn't all beer and skittles.;