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[dɹˈab], [dɹˈab], [d_ɹ_ˈa_b]

Synonyms for Drab:

brown (adjective)

acorn, auburn, biscuit, brown, brunette, burnt almond, cafe au lait, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa, coconut, coffee, copper, dun, fawn, hazel, khaki, nut brown, partridge, sepia, tan, tawny, toast, umber, walnut.

gray (adjective)

ashen, battleship-gray, dapple-gray, dingy, dreary, dull, gloomy, gray, grizzled, gun metal, iron-gray, lead-gray, leaden, mole-gray, mousy, neutral-tint, pearl-gray, pearly, salt-and-pepper, silvery, smoky, somber, taupe.

unfashionable (adjective)

dowdy, frowzy, frumpy, slovenly, tacky, unfashionable, unkempt.

Other synonyms and related words:

Chippy, Fawn-colored, Grey, Indistinctive, Jading, Spartan, ace, achromatic, adulteress, advoutress, alley cat, arid, aristocratic, aristocratical, aseptic, austere, automatic, automaton-like, bad, bad woman, bag, baggage, banal, bare, basic, bat, battle-axe, bawd, beast, begrimed, beige, beldam, benighted, biddy, bimbo, bit, black, blah, bland, bleak, bleakly, blue, blue-blooded, blueish, bluish, blurred, blurry, boring, boringly, broad, brownish, brownish yellow, brownish-grey, brunet, call-girl, canch, cantle, cantlet, causing dejection, changeless, characterless, cheerless, chromatic, cloudy, cocoa-brown, cocotte, coffee-brown, cold, color, colorless, colourless, common, common-or-garden variety, commonplace, contrite, coppery, courtesan, crone, cruiser, dab, dark, darkening, dead, deadened, demi-mondaine, demimonde, demirep, dense, deplorable, depressing, depressingly dark, depressive, desolate, dight, dim, dirty, discoloured, disconsolate, dismal, dismally, dispiriting, distressing, dole, doleful, dot, dour, dowdy, doxy, drably, draggle-tail, draggletail, dram, dreadfully, drear, drearily, dry, dry-as-dust, dull and monotonous, dull as dishwater, dull in colour, dully, dun-brown, dun-drab, dusk, dusky, dust-man, dustman, dusty, earthbound, easy woman, ecru, endless, ennui, ennuyant, everyday, exhausting, faded, fallen woman, far from colorful, fatigue, fatiguing, fille de joie, flat, flavorless, fleck, floosie, floozie, floozy, flyspeck, foggy, forbidding, fornicatress, frail, frail sister, frail sisterhood, frump, frumpish, full of worries, fuscous, gamey, gentle, girl, give way, glassy, glazed, gloomily, glooming, glowering, glum, go down, gobbet, good-for-naught, good-for-nothing, grave, grege, grey-brown, greyish brown, grim, grimly, grimy, grisette, grisly, grubby, gruesome, grungy, hag, hair, hardly vibrant, harlot, harridan, hazy, ho-hum, hoot, hooter, humdrum, indefinite, indescribable, indeterminate, indistinct, indistinguishable, inexorable, insipid, iota, irksome, jade, jezebel, jot, joyless, laborious, lacking in liveliness, lackluster, lacklustre, lamentable, lifeless, little, little bit, livid, long-drawn-out, long-winded, loose woman, lorette, lurid, lusterless, lustreless, malkin, mat, matted, matter of fact, mechanical, melancholy, meritless, messy, mind-numbing, minx, miss, misty, mite, monochromatic, monotone, monotonous, monotonously, monotony, moody, mopsy, mote, mournful, mouse-coloured, mousey, muddied, muddy, mudlark, murky, nag, namby-pamby, naughty, neutral, nightwalker, no-count, nondescript, nymphet, nymphomaniac, old bag, old fashioned, olive brown, olive-drab, opaque, ordinary, over-long, overcast, pale, particle, pedestrian, pessimistic, petite dame, pickup, piece, pig, pigment, pitiful, pittance, pitying, plain, point, pro, prolonged, prosaic, prosy, punk, quean, quiet, raunchy, reflecting gloom, regretful, remorseful, repetitious, repetitive, repressed, rig, risque, roundheels, routine, run-down, run-of-the-mill, russet, ruthful, sad, saddening, sadly, same, samely, sapphist, saturnine, scantling, schlep, scrimption, scrub, scruple, seal, seal-brown, sedate, seedy, serious, shabby, shadowy, shrew, sick, simple, sinister, skit, slammerkin, slammock, slattern, slob, sloppy, sloven, slow, slubberdegullion, slubberer, slummock, smidge, smidgen, smitch, smudgy, snitch, snuff-colored, sober, soiled, solemn, sombre, sooty, soporific, sorrel, sorrowful, sorry, spiritless, spiritual wife, stale, stark, sterile, stern, stodgy, street walker, streetwalker, strumpet, stuffy, subdued, subfusc, subfuscous, subfuse, sulky, sunless, sweep, swine, tame, tanned, tart, tasteless, tedious, tediously, tenebrous, termagant, thick, tiresome, tiresomely, tiring, tittle, toast-brown, tomato, toneless, traipse, trollop, trot, trull, two-dimensional, umber-colored, unadorned, unanimated, unappeasable, unbecoming, unchanging, unchaste, uncheerful, unclassifiable, unclassified, undecorated, undistinctive, unembellished, unending, unexceptional, unexciting, unfortunate, unfortunate female, unfortunate woman, unimaginative, uninspired, uninspiring, uninteresting, uninviting, unostentatious, unpromising, unrelenting, unrelieved, unremarkable, unseemly, unsightly, unstimulating, unvarnished, unvarying, vacuous, vague, vapid, virago, vixen, walnut-brown, wan, wanton, weariful, wearing, wearisome, wearying, wench, whit, white slave, wishy-washy, witch, without merit, woman, working girl, yellowish brown, zero.

Rhymes for Drab:

  1. stab, nab, blab, lab, fab, tab, cab, ab, scab, prefab, jab, dab, grab, slab, gab, crab;

Quotes for Drab:

  1. The world gets older, without getting either better or worse and so does literature. But I do think that the drab current phenomenon that passes for literary studies in the university will finally provide its own corrective. Harold Bloom.
  2. Don't be drab Thomas Leonard.
  3. To be with the same person for the rest of your life just sounds so drab Eva Longoria.