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[fˈe͡ɪnt], [fˈe‍ɪnt], [f_ˈeɪ_n_t]

Synonyms for Faint:

dim (adjective)

bleary, cloudy, dim, filmy, foggy, half-lit, hazy, indistinct, murky, shadowy, vague.

feeble (adjective)

ailing, debilitated, decrepit, doddering, feeble, flimsy, fragile, frail, infirm, powerless, rickety, run-down, sickly, soft, weak.

quiet (adjective)

low, muffled, mumbling, sotto voce, whispering.

senseless (adjective)

aloof, anesthetized, blacked out, callous, comatose, dead, dull, insensible, insensitive, insentient, narcotic, numb, oblivious, senseless, soporific, swooning, trance-like, unconscious, unfeeling, unperceptive.

weary (adjective)

apathetic, blue, bored, cheerless, depressed, droopy, drowsy, exhausted, fatigued, flaccid, footsore, frazzled, limp, listless, over-weary, sleepy, tired, toilsome, trying, uphill, wasted, wayworn, weary, worn-out.

Other synonyms and related words:

Central Ischaemic Response, Cimmerian, Debile, Fainting, Grey, Impuissant, Inarticulateness, Languishing, Medicine syncope, Pooped, Punchy, Reeling, Weak-minded, Whey-faced, abject fear, absent, abstemious, abstruse, abulic, accessible, achromatic, achromic, addled, afraid, airheaded, airy, amorphous, anaemic, anemic, animadvert upon, appealing, approximately, arcane, ashamed, ashen, ashy, aside, asphyxia, asphyxiate, assuredly, asthenic, audible, awareness, away, back, back side, bad, badly, baffled, balmy, barely, barely audible, barely perceptible, baseness, bated, be disrespectful, be fatigued, be loose, be overcome, beatific, become unconscious, bedfast, bedridden, befogged, befuddled, below par, below the mark, benumbed, bewildered, big, black, black out, bland, bleached, bleak, blear, bleared, bled white, blind, bloodless, blow, blurred, blurry, break, break down, breathless, broken accents, broken sentences, broken voice, brooding, bug-eyed, burn out, bushed, buy the farm, cadaverous, calm, calorie-free, care nothing for, carelessly, cast reflection, cast reproach, catalepsy, catatonia, catatony, catchy, cave in, cease, certainly, chalky, chicken, chicken-hearted, chicken-livered, chloranemic, choke, clean, clear, clouded, coarsely, cold, cold feet, collapse, colorless, coma, come apart, come unstuck, commemorative, commonly, concealed, confounded, confused, conk, conk out, conscious, contemptibly timid, coward, cowardly, crepuscular, critically ill, croak, crumble, curious, customarily, dangle, dark, darkly, dastardly, dastardness, dastardy, dazed, deadened, deadly pale, dearest, deathly pale, decayed, decease, decline, decrescendo, deep, delicate, deliquium, dense, depart, die, diffident, dilute, diminutive, dimly, dimmed, dingy, disappear, discolored, disease, disintegrate, dismal, distant, distorted, distribute, dizzily, dizziness, dizzy, done up, dopey, down, down-and-out, drawl, dreamlike, dreamy, droop, drooping, drop, drop dead, dulcet, dumb, dusky, dusty, easy, effete, elusive, empty-headed, end in smoke, enervated, enfeebled, epicene, esteem slightly, etched, etiolate, etiolated, evanid, exit, expire, exsanguinated, exsanguine, exsanguineous, fade, faded, fagged, fail, faint-hearted, faint-voiced, fainthearted, faintish, faintly, faintness, fairly, fall, fall senseless, fallible, fallow, falsetto, faltering, far-off, fatigue, fear, fearful, featherbrained, feckless, feebleminded, feebleness, feebly, feeling awful, feeling faint, feeling something terrible, few, fine, fit, fizzle out, flabby, flag, flagging, flat, flicker, flickering, flimsily, flippant, floppy, foolish, foolishly, forceless, frequently, friable, frightened, funk, fuzzy, gasp, gauzy, generally, gentle, gently, get sleepy, get tired, ghastly, ghostlike, giddy, give out, give way, glance at, gloomy, go, go downhill, go out like a light, go out like light, go soft, go to pieces, gone, good and tired, gradual, grave, gray, gray out, grayout, groggy, grow weary, gutless, haggard, half-heard, half-hearted, half-seen, half-visible, halfhearted, halfway, hang, hard to hear, hardly, heavy, helpless, hesitation, hidden, high, hit the skids, hoarse, hold cheap, hold in contempt, hold in disrespect, hueless, hushed, hypochromic, idle, ill, ill-defined, illegible, imbecile, immortal, imperceptible, imperfect, implausible, impotent, imprecise, improbable, in danger, inadequately, inarticulate, inaudible, inconsiderable, inconspicuous, indefinite, indeterminate, indiscernible, indisposed, indistinguishable, inexplicit, insecure, insensibility, insignificant, insignificantly, insinuate, insubstantial, insufficient, intangible, invertebrate, invisible, irresolute, jade, jaded, kayo, keel, keel over, keeled, kick the bucket, knockout, lacking clarity, lacking strength, lackluster, laid low, lame, languid, languish, languorous, laugh at, leaden, learn by heart, lenient, let go, lethargic, lifeless, light, light-colored, light-headed, lightheaded, lightly, lightsome, lily-livered, limber, limited, limitedly, lipothymia, lipothymy, lisp, lite, little, livid, logy, look down upon, loose, loosely, lose breath, lose consciousness, lose wind, loss of consciousness, loud, low-cal, low-pitched, low-profile, lurid, lusterless, lustless, lymphatic, make light of, marrowless, mat, meager, meagre, mealy, mellifluent, mellifluous, mellow, melodious, merely glimpsed, middling, mild, minute, misty, moderate, moderately, modest, modestly, mortally ill, mousey, mousy, muddled, muddy, murmured, murmuring, murmurous, muted, muttering, muzzy, nasal accent, nasal tone, naturally, nebulous, negligible, nerveless, neutral, nice, nimble, nirvana, nirvana principle, no great shakes, normally, not burdensome, not difficult, not quite right, nothingness, numbed, oblivion, obliviousness, obscure, obscured, obscurity, obtuse, off-color, old, opaque, ordinarily, out of earshot, out of focus, outside, overcast, overfatigued, overspent, overtired, padded, pale, pale as death, pale-faced, pallid, paltry, pant, pass, pass out, pastel, pasty, peg out, perceptible, perish, peter out, pianissimo, piano, pine, pithless, play out, pliable, poltroonery, pooh-pooh, poor, poorly, pop off, precise, profound, promiscuous, prostrate, prostrated, prostration, psychologically light, puff, puff and blow, pulled down, punch-drunk, puny, purposeless, pusillanimous, puzzled, quail, queasy, quiet, rather, raucous, raven, ready to drop, recondite, redolent, reflect upon, remote, reverse side, revive, rocky, rotten, roughly, rubbery, run out, run ragged, sagging, sallow, sapless, sapped, scant, scantily, scanty, scarcely heard, scared, seedy, semiconsciousness, semivisible, senselessness, set at naught, set free, shadowed, shadowlike, shady, shaky, shapeless, short, short-winded, shrug one's shoulders, shy, sick, sick unto death, sickish, silent, silly, sinewless, sink, sketchy, slack, slackly, sleep, slender, slight, slightly, slim, slow, slump, sluttish, small, small in size, smally, smelling of sweat, smooth, sneer at, sneeze at, snuff it, so-so, soft-sounding, soft-voiced, softened, softly, sombre, soothing, sophistic, sparing, spent, spineless, spiritless, staggering, stale, stall, stammering, stifle, stifled, strengthless, strong, stun, stunned, stupefaction, stupefied, stupor, subaudible, subdued, subfusc, subfuscous, subtle, succumb, suggestive, surbated, surely, swim, swoon, syncopation, syncope, taken ill, tallow-faced, tardiloquence, tender, tenebrous, tenuous, tepid, thin, think nothing of, timid, timorous, tipsy, tire, tired-winged, titubancy, toilworn, tolerable, toned down, toneless, toss the head, tottering, traulism, tripping, turbid, turn one's back, turned down, twang, umbrageous, umbral, unaccented, unapparent, uncertain, unclear, unclouded, uncolored, unconsciousness, unconspicuous, undefined, under par, under the weather, underestimate, understated, undetectable, undetected, undetermined, undistinct, uneasy, unenthusiastic, unfocused, unhardened, unheard, unimportance, unimportant, unimpressive, unintelligible, unlikely, unlit, unmanly, unnerved, unnoticeable, unnoticed, unobservable, unobvious, unperceivable, unpersuasive, unplain, unrealistic, unrecognizable, unrefreshed, unremarkable, unrestored, unseen, unsound, unsteady, unstressed, unstrung, unsubstantial, unsure, unwell, unwise, unwisely, usually, vanish, vapors, veiled, vertiginous, vertigo, violently, vulnerable, wakeful, wan, want of voice, wanton, washed-out, washy, waterish, watery, wavering, waxen, way-weary, weak-kneed, weak-voiced, weak-willed, weaken, weakened, weakling, weakly, wear away, wear thin, wearied, weariful, weary-footed, weary-laden, weary-winged, weary-worn, weather-beaten, wheeze, whisper, whispered, whistle at, white, white feather, white-livered, wilt, wilting, wimpish, wimpy, wisplike, wispy, wistful, wobbly, wonky, woolly, woozy, worn, worn down, wraithlike, yawn, yellow, yellow streak, yield, zonk out.

Rhymes for Faint:

  1. quaint, feint, saint, taint, paint;
  2. complaint, restraint, constraint, acquaint;

Quotes for Faint:

  1. The road to positivity is strewn with the abandoned vehicles of the faint -hearted. Peter McWilliams.
  2. It is not because other people are dead that our affection for them grows faint it is because we ourselves are dying. Marcel Proust.
  3. Gossip, even when it avoids the sexual, bears around it a faint flavor of the erotic. Patricia Meyer Spacks.

Idioms of Faint:

  1. faint of heart;
  2. damn sm or sth with faint praise;
  3. damn ( sb/ sth) with faint praise;