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What is another word for chic?

241 synonyms found


[ʃ_ˈiː_k], [ʃˈiːk], [ʃˈiːk]

Synonyms for Chic:

fashionable (adjective) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Chic:

  1. seek, weak, sleek, teak, meek, creak, sneak, leak, beak, peek, pique, clique, week, streak, reek, wreak, bleak, leek, shriek, cheek, creek, freak, squeak, sheikh, speak, greek, peak, tweak, geek, sheik;
  2. antique, oblique, bespeak, critique, technique, belgique, batik, physique, cacique, unique, boutique;
  3. mozambique, dominique;

Quotes for Chic:

  1. I want to do nothing chic I want to have ideas before beginning a piece. Georges Bizet.
  2. Like many alcoholics, I was a staggering woman in a chic apartment, sick and utterly disgusting. Mercedes McCambridge.
  3. My career at Warner Brothers consisted of one musical short subject. I was running around in a bear skin. Very chic Ethel Merman.