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[djˈuːp], [djˈuːp], [d_j_ˈuː_p]

Synonyms for Dupe:

dupe (noun)

April fool, laughingstock, victim.

flatterer (noun)

back-scratcher, boot-licker, brown-nose, fawner, flatterer, groveler, jackal, lackey, puppet, sycophant, toady.

laughingstock (noun)

buffoon, fair game, game, monkey, patsy.

deceive (verb)

betray, bilk, cheat, con, counterfeit, deceive, defraud, delude, falsify, fool, forge, mislead, swindle.

dupe (verb)

hoodwink, trick.

Other synonyms and related words:

Aunt Sally, Charlie, Noddy, Photostat, Trade Mark Xerox, absorb, abuse, accept, achieve, acquire, adherent, adopt, affect, agent, amanuensis, ame damnee, ancilla, apple polisher, appliance, apply, arse around, ass-licker, assemble, assimilate, assume, attract, babe, backscratcher, backslapper, baffle, baggage agent, bait, bamboozle, be deceived, befool, beguile, beguiling, benign, bite, blind one's eyes, blindfold, blockhead, bluff, boob, bootlick, bootlicker, bring in, brownie, buffalo, bully, bungler, burn, business agent, byword, byword of reproach, cajole, carbon, carbon copy, cat's-paw, catch, cheat on, chicane, child, child of nature, childish, chisel, chouse, chump, cinch, circumvent, claim agent, clawback, clear, clerk, clone, clown, cod, collect, come on, commercial agent, commission agent, con game victim, conjure, consignee, consume, contrivance, copy, counterpart, courtier, cozen, crazy, creature, credulous, cringer, cull, cully, customer agent, daft, dense, derision, derive, device, diddle, dim, dim-wit, dissipate, ditto, do, don, double, double cross, dove, draw, drip, duffer, dull, dumb, dummy, dunce, duplicate, duplication, dust, earn, easy game, easy mark, easy touch, echo, embezzle, end, ensnare, exploit, facsimile, factor, faithful servant, fall guy, fast-talk, fatuous, fax, fed, federal, federal agent, feel, fiddle, figure of fun, figurehead, fish, fleece, flimflam, flunky, foist, fold up, fool around, fool away, foolish, forestall, four flush, fraud, freight agent, fritter, fritter away, frivol away, front, fulfill, functionary, gaff, gain, gammon, gather in, gazingstock, geminate, general agent, get around, get into, go after, go-between, goat, gobemouche, green, greenhorn, greeny, gudgeon, gull, gullible, gyp, handmaid, handmaiden, handshaker, harmless, have, have on, hectograph, helot, hick, hireling, hoax, hocus-pocus, hornswaggle, hornswoggle, horse around, hum, humbug, identic, idiot, ignoramus, imbibe, imitation, implement, impose, impose upon, infant, infatuate, ingeminate, ingest, ingénue, innocent, innocuous, instrument, insurance agent, interagent, intermediary, intermediate, intermedium, intimidate, inveigle, invite, jape, jay, jerk around, jest, jestingstock, jilt, job, jockey, joke, josh, juggle, juggle with, kid, kite, knock-off, kowtower, lamb, land agent, law agent, lead astray, led captain, let down, lever, lickspit, lickspittle, lie, likeness, literary agent, literary euchre, loan agent, look, lout, lubber, machine, madman, make, man of straw, manifold, mark, mealymouth, mechanism, mediator, medium, mere child, microcopy, microfilm, midwife, mimeo, mimeograph, minion, misadvise, misdirect, misguide, misinform, mock, mockery, model, mount, mug, muggins, mulct, multigraph, multiply by two, mute, mystify, nab, naif, naive, news agent, nincompoop, ninny, ninny-hammer, nitwit, nobble, noble savage, noodle, oaf, object, objective, observe, official, organ, out-think, outfox, outmaneuver, outmanipulate, outmanoeuvre, outplay, outreach, outsmart, outthink, outwit, overcharge, overhear, overreach, parliamentary agent, passenger agent, pawn, peon, photocopy, pigeon, play dirty, play false, play one false, plaything, pluck, practise on, preposterous, press agent, pretend, prey, print, pull leg, pull one's leg, pull something, pull the wool over someone's eyes, pull-in, pumpkin head, purchasing agent, push, pushover, put on, put one across, put one over, put over on, put something over, put something over on, quadruplicate, razz, re-echo, real estate agent, realise, realize, ream, receive, redouble, reduplicate, reduplication, repeat, repetition, replica, replicate, replication, representation, repro, reproduce, reproduction, rip, rip off, rook, rope in, rube, safe, sales agent, same, sap, sap-head, satellite, scam, scapegoat, schlemiel, schlemihl, schnook, score, screw, secretary, see, selfsame, serf, servant, setup, shaft, shlemiel, shoot, shortchange, silent, simple, simple soul, simpleton, sitting duck, skin, slang, snooker, snow, soak up, soft touch, sop up, spaniel, special agent, speechless, spoof, stat, station agent, steward, sting, stock, stooge, straw man, string, string along, stultify, suck in, suck up, sucker in, swallow the bait, take, take advantage of, take for a ride, take-in, tantalize, target, taunt, tease, theatrical agent, thick head, thimble-wit, ticket agent, timeserver, toad, tool, toy, trace, transcribe, transcript, trap, travel agent, trick euchre, triplicate, truckler, trusting soul, tufthunter, turn in, twin, twist, twit, two-time, unsophisticate, unwise, use, vehicle, victimize, view, walking delegate, watch, wear, welsh, wet, whipping boy, wind-up, yes-man, yes-man front, yokel.

Rhymes for Dupe:

  1. loop, stoup, soup, drupe, group, troupe, croup, scoop, droop, hoop, loupe, coupe, troop, coop, snoop, stoop, whoop, swoop;
  2. regroup, recoup;

Quotes for Dupe:

  1. As to the deceit perpetrated upon women, let it pass, for, when love is in the way, men and women as a general rule dupe each other. Giacomo Casanova.
  2. We avenge intellect when we dupe a fool, and it is a victory not to be despised for a fool is covered with steel and it is often very hard to find his vulnerable part. Giacomo Casanova.
  3. The dupe of friendship, and the fool of love; have I not reason to hate and to despise myself? Indeed I do; and chiefly for not having hated and despised the world enough. William Hazlitt.