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257 synonyms found


[nˈab], [nˈab], [n_ˈa_b]

Synonyms for Nab:

take (verb)

abduct, acquire, amass, annex, appropriate, bag, capture, catch, collect, commandeer, confiscate, deprive, gather, get, grab, harvest, impound, levy, monopolize, procure, reap, take, usurp.

Other synonyms and related words:

Arrestment, Hear, Paddy, abuse, accept, ace, adhere, adverse, against wind, apprehend, apprehension, arrest, arrestation, arresting, assemble, attain, averse, bamboozle, be caught, become, befool, bilk, bite, blast, blind one's eyes, blindfold, bobby, book, boom, breathalyze, breeze through, bring, bring in, bull, bust, cabbage, call for, capture a crook, carry off, catch at, catch on, caught, cheat, check, chit, choker, chouse, clasp, closure, clout, clutch, collar, compass, complete, comprehend, constable, contain, contrary, cop, corner, corral, cozen, crack, crook, cully, custody, deceive, defraud, derive, detain, detention, diaphragm, diddle, dig, discernment, discover, do, dread, dupe, elate, emergency, encumbrance, endure, enlistment, ensnare, entrap, exigency, fasten upon, feel, fight over, find, find out, flatfoot, flimflam, fool, fuzz, gain, gain vigor, gather up, get a line, get better, get hold of, get the picture, get wind, get word, glom, grab at, grapple, grasp, grip, gull, halt, harmful, heat, heist, hit hard, hoax, hold, hold back, hoodwink, hook, hornswoggle, hostile, imprison, inauspicious, incarcerate, indecent, indecorous, inimical, intoxicate, jail, jilt, jockey, knock-off, lag, land, latch on to, law, lay, lay hands on, lay hold of, learn, lift up, locate exactly, look, make a pinch, make fun, malignant, mystify, nail, nail down, negative, net, nick, nip, nobble, noisome, observe, obstinate, obstruct, obtain, ominous, peck, peeler, peg, percolate, perk, perk up, pernicious, pick, pick-up, pickup, pig, pillage, pinch, pinpoint, play one false, pluck, pocket, policeman, pounce at, prig, pull, pull-in, put under arrest, quail at, rap, receive, repugnant, restrain, rip off, run, sack, sail through, savvy, secure, see, seize, seize suddenly, slough up, smash, snag, snake, snap, snare, snitch, standstill, steal, stop, stoppage, suddenly grab, suddenly seize, surprise, sweep through, swindle, swipe, take by force, take captive, take into custody, take possession of, take prisoner, thieve, trap, trick, turn around, turn back, unbecoming, unfavorable, unseemly, uplift, victimize, vie for, wayward, win.

Rhymes for Nab:

  1. stab, lab, blab, jab, drab, tab, cab, ab, scab, prefab, grab, dab, gab, slab, fab, crab;