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[nˈɪk], [nˈɪk], [n_ˈɪ_k]


blemish (noun)

abrasion, blemish, blister, blot, blotch, brand, check, chip, crack, damage, defacement, defect, deformity, discoloration, disfigurement, distortion, dot, drawback, eyesore, fault, flaw, fleck, fracture, freckle, gash, hack, hole, hurt, imperfection, impurity, kink, lesion, mar, mark, notch, pockmark, rift, scab, scar, score, scrape, scratch, scuff, slit, sore, speck, splotch, spoilage, spot, stain, stigma, tarnish, wart, weal.

notch (noun)

chink, cleft, crevice, cut, gap, incision, indent, indentation, jog, serration, split.

blemish (verb)

abrade, deface, deform, discolor, disfigure, distort, spoil, taint.

notch (verb)

cleave, incise, serrate.

Rhymes for Nick:

  1. dick, brick, hick, kick, thick, tic, chick, klick, crick, flick, mick, tick, quick, stick, sic, pic, pick, frick, mc, rick, slick, sick, trick, wick, click, lick;
  2. nonstick, handpick;
  3. realpolitik;

Quotes for Nick:

  1. I keep my own personality in a cupboard under the stairs at home so that no one else can see it or nick it. Dawn French.
  2. Every person should have their escape route planned. I think everyone has an apocalypse fantasy, what would I do in the event of the end of the world, and we just basically- me and Nick said what would we do, where would we head? Simon Pegg.
  3. The publisher has told- you know, if these editors, Andres Martinez and Nick Goldberg, were the least bit honest about this, they would tell you the publisher has told them he wants the editorial page to be conservative. Robert Scheer.

Idioms of Nick:

  1. nick sth up;
  2. Old Nick
  3. in the nick of time;