What is another word for balance wheel?

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A balance wheel is a crucial component of a mechanical watch, which oscillates back and forth, ensuring the watch keeps accurate time. However, there are several synonyms for the term, including "regulator," "escapement," and "balance spring." The balance wheel's function is to resist changes in the watch's motion, and its precision is essential to accurate timekeeping. A regulator serves the same purpose as the balance wheel, managing the watch's speed, and ensuring consistent timekeeping. Meanwhile, the escapement controls the release of energy from the watch's mainspring, while the balance spring provides the balance wheel with the energy it needs to oscillate at a consistent rate.

How to use "Balance wheel" in context?

A balance wheel is a rotating wheel used to keep an object in equilibrium. It is most commonly used in machines that produce motion, such as bicycles, cars, and trains.

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