What is another word for oddment?

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Oddment is a term that refers to a remaining part or a leftover fragment. It could be a scrap, remnant, residue, or a trace. Another word that could be used synonymously with oddment is leftover, or a piece that is left over or unused. Additionally, "remainder" is another word that could be used to refer to something that is left over or not used up. The term "vestige" could also be used synonymously with oddment. It refers to a trace or visible sign of something that is no longer present. In conclusion, oddment is an umbrella term that could be replaced with numerous synonyms, depending on the context in which it's used.

Semantically related words:

odds and ends, pieces of something, a small or insignificant amount, odds, items that are in abundance, pieces of jewelry, odd socks,

Oddments is an English noun meaning "a small or insignificant amount" or "pieces of something" or "odd items that are in abundance".

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What are the opposite words for oddment?

Oddment is a word that means a small and sometimes insignificant piece or remains of something larger. Antonyms for the word oddment could be terms like the whole, completeness, entirety, and totality. These antonyms connote something that is complete, comprehensive, or present in its entirety. Oddment, on the other hand, implies that only a small or leftover remnant of something remains. Some other antonyms for the word oddment could include wholeness, fullness, or entirety, which can describe objects that are complete and full of all their constituent parts. In contrast, oddment suggests that something is lacking or incomplete, and only a part is left behind.

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Usage examples for Oddment

His game was, he picked out an oddment from the heap, polished it, fitted it more or less into the silly puzzle, and stepped back to eye it.
Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

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