What is another word for bisulfide?

Pronunciation: [ba͡ɪsˈʌlfa͡ɪd] (IPA)

Bisulfide, a chemical compound containing two sulfur atoms and one or more hydrogen atoms, has a range of synonyms or alternative names. One common synonym is hydrogen disulfide, which is commonly used in the field of chemistry. Other synonyms for bisulfide include dihydrogen sulfide, sulfhydryl, and sulfur hydride. Additionally, it is sometimes referred to as hydrogen sulfide, especially in the context of its gaseous form. Overall, these synonyms demonstrate the diversity and complexity of chemical nomenclature, and serve to enhance scientists' ability to communicate effectively about different compounds with similar features and functions.

Usage examples for Bisulfide

Several methods of control have been employed in Europe and California, as treatment by carbon bisulfide injected in the soil; flooding in vineyards that can be irrigated; confining the vines to sandy soils; and, most important, planting vines grafted on resistant stocks, there being great variation in immunity of species of American grapes to phylloxera.
"Manual of American Grape-Growing"
U. P. Hedrick

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