What is another word for borate?

Pronunciation: [bˈɔːɹe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Borate is a chemical compound that is typically composed of boron and oxygen. As such, some common synonyms for the word borate include boric acid, boron oxide, sodium borate, and boron trioxide. These different compounds have a variety of uses in different industrial, agricultural, and medical processes. For example, boric acid is often used as an insecticide, while sodium borate is commonly found in laundry detergents. Boron trioxide is used in the production of glass and ceramics, while boron oxide is used as a catalyst in various chemical reactions. Overall, the many synonyms for borate reflect the diversity of its applications across different fields.

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Usage examples for Borate

Among these were the Siberian and Brazilian topaz, borate of magnesia, mesotype, sphene, and calamine.
"Catholic Churchmen in Science"
James J. Walsh
The sources of these materials are perhaps deposits of the type mentioned in the last paragraph, or, in California, certain Tertiary borate deposits described below.
"The Economic Aspect of Geology"
C. K. Leith
This is the only important case known of borate deposits of marine origin.
"The Economic Aspect of Geology"
C. K. Leith

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