What is another word for banality?

Pronunciation: [banˈalɪti] (IPA)

Banality refers to something that is lacking in originality or creativity. It is a term often used to describe something that is trite, common or mundane. Some synonyms for the word banality include cliche, predictability, conventional, ordinary, and unremarkable. Mundanity, tedium, platitudes, and sameness are other examples of words that can be used as synonyms for banality. When writing or talking about something that lacks originality, it is important to have a varied vocabulary to avoid things from sounding boring and repetitive. By using synonyms for the word banality, one can add depth and complexity to their communication and thus avoid sounding tedious.

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What are the opposite words for banality?

Banality is a term that refers to something that is dull, unoriginal, and lacking in imagination. Its antonyms, on the other hand, are words that describe something that is imaginative, creative, and exciting. Some of the best antonyms for banality include originality, novelty, freshness, creativity, innovation, and inspiration. These words reflect the opposite of banality and emphasize the importance of thinking outside the box when it comes to creative processes. In contrast to banality, these antonyms suggest the need for originality and uniqueness, encouraging people to explore their creativity and break the mold in order to produce something truly engaging and inspiring.

What are the antonyms for Banality?

Usage examples for Banality

Her cheeks were still burning when she pushed the heavy door which protected the mysterious region from the banality she had left.
"The Way of Ambition"
Robert Hichens
"You wanted some one to take you out of yourself," I said, and then shuddered at my own banality.
"The Dark Forest"
Hugh Walpole
"They must have been difficult years," I said, and again cursed myself for my banality.
"The Dark Forest"
Hugh Walpole

Famous quotes with Banality

  • Dawn was written well before 9/11. People speak a lot today about the banality of evil, but not all evil is banal. Some of it is carefully structured and well-thought-out. That's where the real danger lies.
    Alan Dean Foster
  • Today Americans are overcome not by the sense of endless possibility but by the banality of the social order they have erected against it.
    Christopher Lasch
  • Television has lifted the manufacture of banality out of the sphere of handicraft and placed it in that of a major industry.
    Nathalie Sarraute
  • There arose a belief in style - and in banality. banality encompassed politics, too, because it was a common belief that politics were not worthy of art.
    Douglas Sirk
  • Realize that the banality around us that passes as “hipness” or “mass culture” is as satisfying as “mass food”—only it comes in much more unappetizing portions.
    Perry Brass

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