What is another word for Brazing?

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Brazing is a process of joining two metals using a filler metal. However, there are various synonyms that can also be used for the term brazing. These include silver soldering, soft soldering, and hard soldering. Additionally, the term welding is often used interchangeably with brazing, but the two processes differ in terms of the temperatures used and the type of filler metal utilized. Another synonym for brazing is "brazing-welding," which refers to a technique that involves heating the metals to a higher temperature than brazing alone, resulting in a stronger joint. Regardless of the term used, all these processes involve the use of heat and a filler metal to join two metals together.

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    Brazing is a process of joining metal by heating one metal to a very high temperature and then repeatedly adding small amounts of molten metal to the other. This technique is often used to join metals, because it is non-destructive and requires no pre-heating.

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