What is another word for disobey?

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Disobedience is often viewed in a negative light but sometimes it can be essential when it comes to standing up for one's beliefs. There are several synonyms to use in place of the word "disobey", such as disregard, defy, disregard, rebel, and challenge. Disobeying can sometimes be viewed as a courageous act, particularly when one is standing up for their rights. In today's world, it's even more important to challenge oppressive and unfair systems by disobeying the norms that uphold them. While disobedience can often lead to consequences, it can ultimately bring about positive change and progress.

Synonyms for Disobey:

How to use "Disobey" in context?

In general, disobedience is the act of failing to obey or comply with a directive, order, or command. Disobedience in particular may be considered as a form of defiance or opposition. Disobedience may also characterize a person's character or temperament, or it may be motivated by a sense of moral righteousness or by a feeling of opposition to authority. Disobedience may also be motivated by a desire to show independence, develop alternate sources of information or power, or simply to cause mischief.

The act of disobeying can have serious consequences.

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