What is another word for soften?

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When it comes to finding alternatives for the word 'soften,' we could think of various other words that can be used in its place to effectively communicate our message. For instance, the word 'mellow' could be utilized to represent a gradual easing up or reduction in intensity. Similarly, the word 'temper' could be used to denote the process of making something more moderate or less extreme. Additionally, the word 'relax' would work well in contexts where we want to convey the idea of calming down or easing tension. Other potential synonyms for 'soften' could include words such as 'soothe,' 'lessen,' or 'comfort.

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How to use "Soften" in context?

Soften is a verb meaning to lessen the sharpness or harshness of. It can also refer to making something sweet or assuring it is gentle.

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