What is another word for Clavis?

Pronunciation: [klˈavɪs] (IPA)

Clavis, a Latin word meaning 'key', has a few synonyms to describe the same thing. Firstly, the word 'lock' can be used to indicate the device for securing something. Secondly, the word 'passkey' can be used to represent a key that opens several locks. Thirdly, 'master key' is a synonym that represents a key that can unlock multiple locks. Fourthly, the word 'keycard' is often used to represent an electronic device that can be used to unlock doors. Additionally, synonyms for clavis can also be found in different languages such as Clef in French and Chiave in Italian.

Usage examples for Clavis

He made himself master of Oughtred's "Clavis Mathematica" in his old age, according to Aubrey, who found him "perusing it and working problems not long before he dyed."
"Fathers of Biology"
Charles McRae
264. "The Clavis of St. Melito, who was bishop of Sardis, it is said, in the beginning of the second century, consists of a catalogue of many hundreds of birds, beasts, plants, and minerals that were symbolical of Christian virtues, doctrines, and personages."
"Christian Mysticism"
William Ralph Inge
There is a Clavis appended, also stated to be "published at his Majesties command."
"The Mystery of Francis Bacon"
William T. Smedley

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